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Butterworth Barlow’s Guide to our Online Resources

It’s no secret that running your own business can be stressful. Your mind is filled to the brim with numbers and figures, you may be losing sleep over office stresses or perhaps you’re stuck on how to up your marketing game. Here at Butterworth Barlow, we want to relieve your worries and help you to organise all those business thoughts floating around your mind.

You may have noticed that our website has recently undergone a dramatic transformation. This is because we wanted to introduce a number of online resources that are easy to use and incredibly helpful in managing your business. It will provide you with a starting point for the majority of subject help areas for the general business owner. The resources available on our website include, but are not limited to…

Business Calculators

We have a several of these handy calculators available for a range of subject matters. For example, our Customer Life Time Value Calculator will work out the profit you make every time you gain one new average customer. From working out this calculation you may find that you can afford to spend more on gaining and retaining customers than you previously thought!

Our Marketing Campaign Profitability Calculator calculates the return on investment (ROI) for any marketing campaign, and we even have a Millionaire Calculator which will tell you how long it will take for you to reach that ‘millionaire’ status.

Business Help Sheets

In addition to our calculators, we also have a selection of help sheets which will offer you guidance on a number of business matters. For example, employee dismissal procedures, preparing for your yearend accounts and what to put on your company’s letterheads in addition to some quirky marketing ideas to stir up some inspiration.

Tax Calculators

Taxes may be boring, but unfortunately, there is no way around them. Here at Butterworth Barlow, we can help to make them an easier and less painful process for you. We have many tax calculators on our website to help with your finances, such as a Capital Gains Tax Calculator, VAT Calculator and a Payroll Calculator to name a few.

Tax Help Sheets

We know that taxes are difficult so in addition to our calculators we also have several help sheets to make things simpler. These include the likes of Employment Tax help sheets such as Travel and Subsistence Expenses and Minimising Tax on Company Cars plus Personal Tax help sheets to help with Family Tax Planning and Venture Capital Trusts.

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